Cycle 1

We launched Aural Fixation in May 2019 with queer icons past, present and future. We go from Bette to Britney, before sis of the pod Char guests from balmy Byron Bay to examine Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster. We tied the cycle up with our first ever Q&A episode.

Bette Midler – Experience the Divine

Drew and Andy kick off Aural Fixation with a personal analysis of the Divine Miss M, the wind beneath our wings, Bathhouse Bette herself. We'll put a spell on you as we discuss, arguably, the best Bette, and pose all the important questions such as: What makes a gay icon? Is Beaches overrated? And is Bette Midler, in fact, a big old drag queen?

The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground & Nico

Episode two of your new favourite podcast plunges deep into The Velvet Underground and their debut album 'The Velvet Underground and Nico', produced by Andy Warhol. Join Drew and Andy as they wax intrigued on the mysteries shrouding the album's inception and the sexuality of frontman Lou Reed.

Britney Spears – Blackout

Let us break the ice and give you more in our exploration of a pop masterpiece. Drew and Andy dive into their own personal histories with one of the widest-reaching gay icons in recent years. There's Timbaland-related tension and some tough Britney love as we get closer to the truth: Was she actually born to make us happy?

Girls Aloud – Tangled Up

With twenty consecutive top 10 UK singles, four million albums, and some of the most bonkersly brilliant bangers of the 21st century to their name, the band hit their commercial and critical summit with 2007’s Tangled Up. We dig deep into how Girls Aloud shaped our music tastes for years to come, whether or not Nadine is that Gemini we knew she was, and why Sarah Harding's bum note on GMTV should be hung in the Lourve.

RuPaul – American

Released as a direct response to the 2016 US Election, American speaks to civic disenfranchisement, administrative unease and lady cowboys. RuPaul has solidified his status as an icon in recent years with the growing success of Drag Race, but is he still a Champion of the queer community, or are his opinions trapped in the past? Call us mother as we cast the spotlight on one of the most influential, and divisive, figures in herstory.

Grace Jones – Island Life

From daughter of a preacher man to empress of New York nightlife, Grace Jones has spent her career challenging, scintillating and titillating listeners, audiences and baffled onlookers, with panache like no other. Through 1985’s ‘Island Life’ and 2008’s ‘Hurricane’, we tackle one of the few pop culture icons who can lay genuine claim to the title of, well, ‘icon’.

Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

When Lady Gaga strode boldly into the flashing lights with The Fame in 2008, she was lauded as a new kind of pop princess – honest, opinionated, perhaps a little extra but with the vocal chops to back it all up. In this episode, Andy, Drew and their first guest star – Drew's sister Charlotte, of 'Only in Miami' fame – take it back to when the star truly was born and dissect Mother Monster's early years.

Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters

The year is 2004. The UK charts are pervaded with an overwhelming sense of beige until a glamourous quartet from the streets of New York storm through with a disco Pink Floyd cover to punctuate the gloom with glitter. In this episode, we appraise a purposefully, performatively queer band with something to say, and the bangers to back them up.

Q&A #1: In Bed with Drew and Andy

Drew and Andy settle down with a glass of cask wine and give our listeners insight into what makes us tick, what gets us razzed, and what makes up our pop DNA. Forty-five minutes isn’t enough to get through all the enquiries, but tune in to find out who soundtracks our seduction techniques, what we’d love to see our icons cover, what music makes us feel... old?